22 October, 2007

Oct. 19 set

Malcolm Middleton – Fight Like the Night
The Cake Sale – Black Winged Bird

The Diableros – Left From the Movies
Construction and Destruction – the Unconsolable
Five Blank Pages – She Sleeps Soundly
Tegan and Sara – I Know, I Know, I Know

VHS or Beta – Love in My Pocket
Deborah Harry – School for Scandal
Tiger Army – Forever Fades Away
The Cramps – People Ain’t No Good

Blanche – Never Again (demo)
Iron And Wine – Lovesong of the Buzzard
The Organ – Love, Love, Love
Danny Michel – Ashes to Ashes

C’Mon – Psychotic Retraction
Tom Waits – Earth Died Screaming
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – Alligator Wine
John Zacherle – Dinner with Drac pt. 1
Screaming Lord Sutch – She’s Fallen in Love with the Monster Man

Slave to the Square Wave – Thank You Very Much
Gorillaz – M1A1

Morrissey – Irish Blood, English Heart
Morrissey – You Have Killed Me

And yes, the Morrissey show was great, as we all knew it would be.

15 October, 2007

Control update

We finally got a local release date for Control! Friday, October 26th, at the Maple Art Theater in Bloomfield Hills.

Begin countdown now.

13 October, 2007

Oct. 12 set

Coco – Your Own Secret Way – Play Drums + Bass – K
Siouxsie – Here Comes That Day – Mantaray – Decca
PJ Harvey – Dear Darkness – White Chalk – Island
High On Fire – Rumors of War – Death Is This Communion – Relapse
Mono – Due Foglie, Una Candela: Il Soffio del Vento – Gone
Trembling – Silent Fanfare – Pulses in the Dark –
Bend Sinister – Yours Truly – s/t – Distort Digital
Michael Yonkers – 162 – Grimwood – De Sitjl
The Raveonettes – Somewhere in Texas – Pretty in Black – Columbia
The Sadies – What's Left Behind – New Seasons – Outside
Luke Doucet – Outlaws – Aloha, Manitoba – Six Shooter
The Champs – Tijuana Two Step – Tequila! The Very Best of – Music Club
Los Straitjackets w/ Big Sandy – La Suegra a/k/a Mother In Law – Sing Along with – Cavalcade
El Vez – Viva La Raza – G.I. Ay, Ay! Blues – Big Pop
Link Wray & His Raymen – Fat Back – Born Bad vol. 1 –
The Cliks – Dreaming – s/t – Big Bug Music
Modernettes – Suicide Club – Get It Straight – Sudden Death
The Gruesomes – So Far, So Bad – Live in Hell – Ricochet Sound
Danko Jones – Strut – We Sweat Blood – Razor and Tie
Henry Rollins – As the Crow Flies – Live at the Westbeth Theater – 2.13.61
Tijuana Bibles – Ring y Lucha – Apartment Wrestling – Trophy
The Avatars – Never a Good Time – Never a Good Time – No Fun
Tuuli – Who's the Fool Now? – Rockstar Potential – Sympathy for the Record Industry

06 October, 2007

Set Oct. 5

Starting with folk, a big electronic block in the middle, and ending with punk? It can only be the new episode of Dreaming in Stereo!

Basia Bulat – Snakes and Ladders – Oh, My Darling – Hardwood
Akron/Family – Don't Be Afriad, You're Already Dead – Young God
The Besnard Lakes – Devastation radio edit – Are the Dark Horse
Alistair Christl – Two Ravens – Unmarked Grave –
Angels of Light – Black River Song – We Are Him – Young God
Aun – Flint – Mule – Oral
Photek – Deadly Technology – Form and Function 2 – Sanctuary
Chris & Cosey – This Is Me – The Kings of Electro – K7
Slap [Unmodified] – Omnipresent (2nd edit) – Auto [repeat] –
Swayzak – No Sad Goodbyes – Some Other Country – K7
New Order – Your Silent Face – Power, Corruption & Lies – Qwest
Omnikrom – Nanananah – Trope Banane! – Saboteur
Thurston Moore – Honest James – s/t – Ecstatic Peace!
Young Galaxy – The Golden Coin – Swing Your Heartache EP – Arts & Crafts
M83 – Don't Save Us From the Flames – single – Mute
Joe Shithead Keithly – When Power Came to Canada – Band of Rebels – Sudden Death
Jello Biafra and D.O.A. – We Gotta Get Out of This Place – Last Scream of the Missing Neighbors – Alternative Tentacles
Patrick Wolf – The Libertine – Wind in the Wires – Tomlab
Fire Engines - Get Up and Use Me - Hungry Beat - Acute
The Jam - Down in the Tube Station at Midnight - Greatest Hits - Polygram

03 October, 2007

Europe v. North America

Well, in sensibilities, anyway.

Just discovered that the Pipettes North American tour was rescheduled (with no Detroit date, of course), and also that their album, We Are the Pipettes, just had its North American release. Leaving aside the fact that it makes more sense to tour after the album has had a chance to sell, this is still a disappointment, since much as I'd like I can't just go to Toronto for every band. *cue the Morrissey*
Anyhow, I noticed the artwork for the album was changed a bit for the release here. Note:

European cover:

And then the North American edition:

Maybe it's just me, but the one for here seems a bit flashier, and maybe sexier in its own way. Shorter skirts, tighter fits, more modern hairstyles - yeah, definitely aimed at America.

Then again, it reminds me of a similar happening in 1979:

While technically true that Three Imaginary Boys and Boys Don't Cry are different albums (and much as it goes against my instincts, I'm going to have to say that BDC has the better tracklist), you can see the difference in continental aesthetics. Not that each doesn't evoke the era in its own way, but the TIB cover definitely lacks a certain "Sam Goody" vibe, whereas the BDC makes the Cure look like some Venice Beach electro-dance act. Or maybe it's easy to make judgements in retrospect.