27 April, 2017

Dreaming in Stereo for April 25, 2017

Made it out to Record Store Day this year, but didn't manage to pick any of the exclusives up (the real prize was the Smiths 7 inch, but not being in the UK made that difficult - thankfully, it's just different versions of songs everyone already has, plus of course a little Moz-ian bonus. But I did manage to pick up White Poppy's Natural Phenomena album, which was a prize in itself. More gauze than gaze, it's swirly, hazy, trippy goodness.

And now, this week's show:

Eagulls - Skipping - Ullages - Partisan
Chain of Flowers - Death's Got a Hold On Me - Chain of Flowers - Alter
Moon Duo - Creepin - Occult Architecture Vol. 1 - Sacred Bones Records
Cheatahs - Su-Pra - Mythologies - Wichita Recordings
White Poppy - Midnight Sun - Natural Phenomena - Not Not Good
Cocteau Twins - A Kissed Out Floatboat - Blue Bell Knoll - 4AD
Daughter - New Ways - Not to Disappear - 4AD
Radiohead - Knives Out - Amnesiac - XL Recordings
White Lies - Summer Didn't Change a Thing - Friends - BMG
Editors - Lights - The Back Room - Kitchenware
The Church - Reptile - Starfish - Arista
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Israel - Once Upon a Time: The Singles - Polydor
The Pink Tiles - Time for Love - #1 Fan - self-released

21 April, 2017

Dreaming in Stereo for April 19, 2017

The good thing about doing a music show is that it gives you an excuse to spend entirely too much time digging around looking for new bands, and chasing down "YouTube recommends" rabbit holes in search of forgotten gems. The latter is how I discovered Sad Lovers & Giants, a London band that only lasted about three years in its initial run, and completely flew under my radar until recently. It's one of those joyous discoveries that reminds you just how much greatness is out there.

Friends of Alice Ivy is another group that I stumbled upon thanks to a friend posting an amazing song on Facebook from the defunct Aussie group Ostia, which lead to my finding FoAI, the new project from Ostia member Amps. One could easily accuse the group of gothiness (and not be entirely wrong), but the ethereal atmospherics and haunting melodies will draw you in whether or not you go in for the black mascara (or however the kids are doing it nowadays).

And this seemed as good a time as any to have a special focus on the compilation album Alternative F/acts. Put together by the guys at DKFM, it's 18 tracks from a nice variety of shoegaze and 'gaze-like bands featuring some pretty stellar groups, and with proceeds going to the ACLU and Planned Parenthood. Unlike a lot of "benefit" comps (especially some of those godawful ones from the 1990s), this is a solid collection of music that's definitely worth adding to the collection.

And now, on to the show...

Beach House - Majorette - Thank Your Lucky Stars - Sub Pop
DIIV - How Long Have You Known? - Oshin - Captured Tracks
Thrushes -Skywave - Night Falls - Birdnote Records
Wildhoney - My Disguise - Wildhoney EP - self-release
Planning for Burial - Warmth of You - Below the House - The Flenser
Amberhaze - 1994 - The We Saw the Stars Again - KityWu
Daydream Machine - And I Love Her - Twin Idols - Picture in My Ear
Fight Bite - Charlotte Iris - Fight Bite - self-release
Cranes - RĂ©verie - Loved - Dedicated
Julianna Barwick - Nebula - Will - Dead Oceans Records
Area - Why Should I Worry - The Perfect Dream - Projekt
Mercury Rev - Coney Island Cyclone - Yerself is Steam - Mint Films

Panda Riot - Gold Lines - Alternative F/acts - DKFM
Angel Falls - Touch the Sun - Alternative F/acts - DKFM
Fawns of Love - Please - Alternative F/acts - DKFM
Friends of Alice Ivy - Wycca - The Last Days of Fenwick - self-release
Vivian Fantasy - Strawberry Moon - Serial Experiments 1: Pink Moon - self-release
Soundpool - Makes No Sense - Mirrors in Your Eyes - Killer Pimp
The Chameleons UK - In Answer - Strange Times - Geffen
Kitchens of Distinction - Drive That Fast - Strange Free World - A&M
Sad Lovers & Giants - Colourless Dream - Epic Garden Music - Midnight Music
The Mighty Lemon Drops - Where Do We Go From Heaven - Laughter - Sire/Reprise
A Thousand Hours - Dawn - Alternative F/acts - DKFM

And here's the Ostia song:

And the band Area (featured in hour 1) was one I discovered in high school, when a girl I knew let me borrow a tape of some music her brother in L.A. had sent her (meaning, of course, that it was far cooler than anything we'd have back in the Midwest). One side of the tape had the Area album, the other had another band that I listened to briefly and wrote off as being too weird and noisy and not very good. That band?

Needless to say, my opinion has changed in the intervening years. Ah, the folly of youth.

11 April, 2017

Dreaming in Stereo for April 11, 2017

And here we are with the newest episode! I'd planned originally to have it up on Monday night, but technical difficulties made that a no-go, but at last it's here!

I picked up the new Soviet Soviet album this week and can't recommend it enough. From start to finish it's loud, driving, and full of hooks and amazing instrumentation all around. There is not a weak track on here, just pure goodness.

And a few of this week's bands are touring as well. Here are the pertinent links (and I'm sure I'm missing some):

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
The Besnard Lakes

Also, I decided to try Mixcloud as a host, since they offer far more upload capacity than Soundcloud, and their model seems more in line with this type of show anyway.

And so, the show:

Soviet Soviet - Going Through - Endless - felte
Cold Solstice - Joyce - Phosphenes - self-released
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Come Saturday - The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Slumberland Records
The Raveonettes - Hallucinations - Lust Lust Lust - Vice
Ride - Charm Assault - Weather Diaries - Wichita Recordings
Melody's Echo Chamber - Cross My Heart - Bon Voyage - Rayon Vert
UNKLE w/ the Black Angels - Natural Selection - Where Did the Night Fall - Surrender All
SKELETON HANDS - Flood Spell - Flood Spell EP - self-released
Devoured by Flowers - A Seaside Ballad - The Luminescent EP - self-released
Damon and Naomi - Time Won't Own Me - Fortune - self-released
Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions - I Thought You'd Fall for Me - Suzanne EP - Rough Trade

My Bloody Valentine - Only Tomorrow - MBV - self-released
Tears Run Rings - Waiting for the End - Always, Sometimes, Sledom, Never - Clairecords
Ceremony - Someday - Rocket Fire - Killer Pimp
The Jesus and Mary Chain - All Things Pass - Damage and Joy - ADA/Warner Group
Girls Names - Hypnotic Regression - The New Life - Slumberland Records
Still Corners - The Trip - Strange Pleasures - Sub Pop
Dum Dum Girls - Coming Down - Only in Dreams - Sub Pop
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - The Weeping Song - The Good Son - Mute
The Besnard Lakes - For Agent 13 - The Besnard Lakes Are the Dark Horse - Jagjaguwar
Wild Nothing - Paradise - Nocturne - Captured Tracks
Spiritualized - Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space (I Can't Help Falling in Love With You) - Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space - Dedicated

04 April, 2017

Dreaming in Stereo for April 3, 2017

Yes, you are reading correctly, Dreaming in Stereo has returned! If ever there was a good time for it, it's now, what with seemingly every '90s band of note getting back together, so why not celebrate the scene that celebrates itself again?

As before, the show will bring listeners two hours of the best in shoegaze, dreampop, Britpop, classics, and whatever sounds good every week. You'll notice this episode is broken into two sections - nothing like discovering your recording program's limitations whilst in the middle of using it!

So here are the two sections of the program, with setlists below each. Enjoy!

Slowdive - Star Roving - Slowdive - Dead Oceans
Warpaint - Love is to Die - Warpaint - Rough Trade
No Joy - Califone - Creep EP - Grey Market
White Bats - Midnight is When Life Begins - Complex Echoes EP - Subterfuge Records
Living Hour - Steady Glazed Eyes - Living Hour - Lefse Records
Secret Shine - Spellbound - After Hours - Clairrecords
Skeleton Hands - Second Skin - self-released
Chromatics - Birds of Paradise - Kill for Love - Italians Do It Better
The Horrors - First Day of Spring - Luminous - XL Recordings
Interpol - Leif Erikson - Turn on the Bright Lights - Matador
Morrissey - Angel, Angel Down We Go Together - Viva Hate - Sire/Reprise
Nothing - The Dead Are Dumb - Tired for Tomorrow - Relapse

Swervedriver - Girl on a Motorbike - Mezcal Head - A&M Records
Psychic Teens - Dose - TEEN - Golden Voyage Records
feeble.curses - Don't Come Crying - single - self-released
Belle & Sebastian - A Century of Fakers - Push Barman to Open Old Wounds - Jeepster (NOT Matador!)
Jarvis Cocker - I Will Kill Again - Jarvis - Rough Trade
Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights - The Kick Inside - EMI
Suede - The Wild Ones - Dog Man Star - nude/Columbia
Jesus and Mary Chain - Darklands - Darklands - Warner Bros.
Blur - New World Towers - The Magic Whip - Parlophone
Lush - Rosebud - Blind Spot EP - Edamame Records
David Bowie - When I Met You - No Plan EP - Columbia
Echobelly - Dark Therapy - On - Rhythm King

And from that new Jarvis album: