26 June, 2017

Dreaming in Stereo for June 21, 2017

Better late then never, eh?

The new Ride album came out June 16th, and to say there have been mixed reviews would be an understatement. It's easy for fans to forget that the band put anything out after Going Blank Again (especially those fans too young to remember when Tarantula came out), and nostalgia has always had a way of warping our collective recollections of what bands sounded like (or were supposed to sound like). But taken on its own merits, Weather Diaries is actually quite a solid album, blending the varied elements of the band's original development along with some new ones that expand the sound dynamic even further (keyboards!). As a whole, the album is a nice return to form, and has some top notch singles as well (two of which you'll hear on this show).

Putting this set together was a little difficult, until I realized that I should eschew my instinct to mix it up and go with a shoegaze/dreampop exclusive set (or close enough), to really keep with the vibe of the featured band. It was a good excuse to dig out some tracks I'd been trying to find a spot for since I started, so I think it all worked out well.

Anyhow, let's be on with it, shall we?

Ride -All I Want - Weather Diaries - Wichita Recordings
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - Tenderness - On Echoing Green - Mexican Summer
The Daysleepers - Mesmerize - Hide Your Eyes EP - White Rabbit Music
The Legends - He Knows the Sun - Public Radio - Labrador Records
Blouse - Into Black - Blouse - Captured Tracks
Paper Daggers - Between Moments - Paper Daggers - self-released
Ether Aura - One Hand Away From Out - Before We Could Sing - Analog Terror Music
Crocodiles - Telepathic Lover - Dreamless - Zero Music
Midnight Faces - Blue Haze - Heavenly Bodies - Broken Factory
Flyying Colours - It's Tomorrow Now - Mindfulness - Club A
Beliefs - Leaper - Leaper - Hand Drawn Dracula
Japanese Breakfast - Everybody Wants to Love You - Psychopomp - Yellow K
Ride - Weather Diaries - Weather Diaries - Wichita Recordings

And this is a couple of years old at this point, but still worth your time:

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